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Dear DFW Community,

Clean n Pristine has been considered an essential service in the city of Dallas based on the counties mission to maintain living and workspaces sanitized. We are committed to do our part in helping our community.

Our staff are following strict guidelines on how to properly disinfect high touch surfaces and surrounding air spaces. We will be using approved disinfectant cleaners on all surfaces. We also have disinfectant mist sprayers to be used in each room designed to sanitize the air space in those rooms. Our focus is eradicating the virus wherever it exists. Our staff have been retrained on the new CDC recommendations as we continue to operate.

  • No CNP employee is to come into work if sick or if caring for another who is sick. Regardless of the symptoms
  • Handwashing upon entering and exiting each property
  • Wearing face masks during the full workday
  • Wearing disposal gloves upon entering a property and disposing of gloves prior to entering another property
  • Wearing shoe coverings upon entering a property and disposing of shoe covers prior to entering another property
  • All materials are sprayed with disinfectant prior to entering each property
  • CNP cleaners will disinfect any personal items such as phones, clipboards and or clothing prior to entering each property
  • Practicing social distancing at our office and out in the field. In addition we ask that customers remain 6 ft away from our staff as they perform their sanitizing duties

As an additional layer of protection, we require you to immediately contact is to reschedule or postpone any appointment if you or any member of your household is exhibiting any symptoms of feeling ill. CNP staff are instructed to immediately stop cleaning, exit the property and return to the headquarters if they enter a home with a sick individual. No exceptions will be made.

Every member of our organization that are continuing to serve customers has freely volunteered to do so; we are willing to continue to help do our part. We remain committed to answer your call for help.

Each day we all can do our part to help stop the spread of this virus by following the guidelines set before us. We must think of the most vulnerable among us because no one is exempt from possibly losing a loved one to this disease.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to properly maintain your home sanitized during this period, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Take care of yourself and others.


Sebastian Ferreira

Owner of Clean n Pristine, Inc.

(214) 887-3415

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