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My name is Sebastian Ferreira, owner of Clean n Pristine, Inc.  and I have been self- employed working in the cleaning service industry since 1999. I was raised in Westchester County, NY by my mother and father who immigrated to the US in 1980. Chasing the American dream, my parents started as cleaners and then become a self-employed cleaning power team. One could make the argument that all my life I have been connected to the cleaning service industry in one way or another. One thing I am certain of is that serving others is my calling.

During summer breaks as a child, I would tag along with my parents as they ran their business. As I grew older, I would help in any way I could. My mother will joke that I learned how to dust before I learned how to walk. I never knew how important these childhood experiences would be in my career as it was instrumental in preparing me and shaping how I viewed the process of serving customers. 

I hear customers tell me how they feel each time they walk in their home.  They see clothes on the floor, dishes stacked, laundry everywhere, bathrooms a mess, beds unmade, etc. What I know is that my customers need a cleaning service to relieve them of all the negative feelings associated with not being able to keep up, not with the actual act of cleaning itself.  They feel overwhelmed by the task, frustrated when people contribute to the mess, anxiety by the lack of time they have and guilt by not being able to somehow figure it all out.

I employ staff that believe in the same core principles that I follow and have never betrayed me in all my years of business. This creed is to serve my community by always being POSITIVE, COMMITTED, HONEST AND HELPFUL.  People who love to serve and seek a place of employment that will recognize their efforts and reward them with gratitude and support.  People who believe a job should mean more than just a paycheck. My company is the conduit that brings the customer and the employee’s needs together and, in the process, enrich each other’s lives.

In 2001, I moved to Dallas, Texas seizing on an opportunity to branch out on my own and make my own path in the cleaning industry. Bringing with me all my experience and wisdom from my parents and I never looked back.

My core principals are the pillars of my company and are infused in all our policies and procedures from who we hire, how we work and who we work with. I have made it my life’s work to identify the needs and pains of my employees and customers lives and cure it.  At CNP I will not bother making claims that promise you the best cleaning in the world or that we are the best cleaners in the history of cleaning. All business owners would make the same claim and the results can only be judged and verified by you the customer.

What I pledge to you, with no reservations, is that I will listen to why you need a service, understand how it can make your life better and provide a service that is uniquely designed for only you. If you choose me, I will be committed to make your life better. That is my guarantee.

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Sebastian Ferreira
Owner of Clean n Pristine, Inc.

(469) 833-4155

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