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What Sets CNP Apart From Others:

Over the years we have compiled the 10 most common reasons why our customers choose to leave their previous service for CNP.

  1. Lack of effort to go above and beyond.
  2. Failure to focus on details on little thigs that are important to me.
  3. Lack of attention to follow my requests or instructions.
  4. Continual last minute cancellations or no shows
  5. Feeling cleaners were rushing things leaving my home out of place.
  6. Continual inconsistency with having the same staff.
  7. Feeling staff was dishonest or at times misleading.
  8. Lack of consideration such as regularly leaving my lights on, blind open and or access doors unsecured.
  9. Continual carelessness and or recklessness when cleaning
  10. A feeling that the cleaners had a “can’t be bothered” attitude which left me feeling as if they were not in it for my best interest.

While many other cleaning services will make claims that they are the best cleaners in town at CNP we understand that our service is more than just providing a good home cleaning. Your home is special to you and your time is a valuable commodity. We all strive to be our best, but with all the demands placed on us in this busy world, we are seldom able to find the time to do everything we want each day. We know you are capable of cleaning your home if you had the time but what you do is barter with your free time to get your home to the standard you feel you and your family deserves. But one cannot do it all so we often settle and reduce our standards to what we can complete now. As the upkeep of your home continues to grow so does your anxiety and feelings of guilt that you can’t manage it all. Our customers need a service that will care enough about their home to take on this responsibility so that they can enrich their own lives. You will gain more than just a clean home you will gain back the time and control to redirect your focus on what’s most important to you. At CNP we witness the impact our service makes on our customers by providing them that peace of mind that they will never have to worry about their cleaning again.

About Our Staff

CNP employees are required to understand and to continue to exercise our Core Principles.

CNP pledges to eliminate and or alleviate our customers cleaning burdens.

CNP pledges to provide a service that is uniquely designed to make the customers life better.

CNP pledges to serve a customer’s home while being POSITIVE, HELPFUL, HONEST AND COMMITTED

At CNP we match great customers with great employees. We discovered the best way to accomplish this is by hiring for attitude and then training for skill. That means that we know we can train anyone to be a good cleaner but we are looking for a set of unique characteristics we’ve discovered that are the foundation of a great cleaner. You can rest easy knowing that after many trails and errors we have developed first-rate employment program designed to find and retain the very best. This program consists of a 3 stage screening and interview process, a 30 day mentored training period followed by a 90 day trial period. At CNP we will not cut any corners and or sacrifice the integrity we have worked so hard to develop for the last 20 years. CNP customers never settle for less than the best for their homes.

Our Core Principles

CNP follows 4 core principles that have set us apart from our competition and that has been the very foundation on how we serve our community. Servicing homes while always being;


This is our approach to all aspects of our service. We look for people who love to serve and are seeking a place of employment that will recognize their efforts and reward them with gratitude and support. A CNP employee is joining a community of like-minded individuals that value our company culture. Collectively have created a work environment of positive minded people, seeking to be helpful when needed, honest to each other and themselves while being committed to our company goals. AT CNP we believe a job should mean more than just a paycheck.

CNP 4 Guarantees

At CNP, we do more than guarantees our service we hold ourselves accountable. We are a reputable company that is always striving for enhancements. We appreciate the opportunity to service your home and these guarantees are to demonstrate our commitment to keep your business.

#1-We guarantee that you will always be heard. When things go wrong we are committed to making them right. Our belief is that CLEAN is a subjective term. No two people will have the same definition of what is CLEAN. This is why we value communication with you to help guide us as we provide you the results you need.

#2-We guarantee that we will assign the same cleaners to your home. It’s reasonable to have some people come and go as time goes by but we make it a priority to incentivize our staff to keep them for the long haul. It’s important to us to build a relationship of trust and confidence between you and our cleaners that is why we will work hard on hiring the right ones and keeping them coming back.

#3-We guarantee true professional cleaners to your home. No insurance policy will cover accidents caused by untrained staff. Unfortunately, sometimes when we take on a new account, we witness the mess untrained cleaners leave behind. From scratches on stainless steel surfaces, shower glass, faucets and hardware. To the warping of wood floors due to oversaturation and even the etching on natural stone countertops by an acidic product. Regardless of willful or unintentional neglect these incidents are 100% avoidable if those who took on the role of caretaker of your home understood the obligations that come with this responsibility. You’ve worked hard to acquire your possessions and we know it. That is why at CNP we don’t take any short cuts when preparing our staff. Every cleaner is trained, certified and qualified to be a true professional cleaner.

#4-We guarantee to take responsibility when we make a mistake. Accidents can be limited but not eliminated. For a cleaner to be through they must move items and get behind tight spots. Our staff are trained to understand how to prevent accidents and to approach their work with the mindset understanding this is your home and your counting on us to protect your belongings while they are away. But if we accidently drop a glass, a picture frame or whatever it maybe you can always be certain we will contact before we complete your clean. We have a no liability policy with our staff. This is a promise made by management to our cleaners that in the event that an item is damaged on property, we will hold no employee liable if they report the incident and participate in our ongoing training. This releases our cleaners from the anxiety and fear brought about from the belief that they will have to pay for the damaged item or by losing their job. CNP cleaners have no reason to conceal or deny and as a CNP customer feel assured that we company will step up and take responsibility in the reimbursement for your loss.

As if 4 weren’t enough here’s our final Guarantee to All Our Clients


Nothing improves mom’s mood better than finding her home clean and put back together. If we fail we will not fuss and MOVIE NIGHT will be on us.

A gift to you from your cleaning crew

$60 Movie theatres Gift card

*This guarantee is eligible for any CNP customer. In the event we fail to meet your expectations you may invoke this guarantee by contacting our office.

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