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In 2001, our organization was born with a bold mission: to shine a light on the dirty secrets of the cleaning industry. We set out to lead by example, creating a new standard for how a cleaning service should be structured, and to provide the best possible environment for our cleaners. We understood the struggles faced by many cleaners – unfair compensation, unrealistic customer expectations, unpredictable schedules that wreak havoc on work-life balance. But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

The cleaning industry is notorious for its high turnover rate. While others may write it off as a natural transition, we believe it’s because most cleaners feel underappreciated and disenchanted by the companies they work for. If you’re passionate about cleaning but feel betrayed by the industry, don’t walk away from a trade you excel in.

At Clean n Pristine, we offer more than just a job. We provide an environment where exceptional attitudes are recognized and celebrated. We are dedicated to serving both our customers and our staff, understanding that a high-quality service starts with a high-quality working atmosphere. By rewarding and acknowledging the dedication of our team, we’ve built the foundation of our success.

Are you ready to witness cleaning done right? Join us and be part of the movement to change the industry as a whole by setting a new standard. As a member of the Clean n Pristine team, you’ll enjoy flexible working hours that make it easier to balance your professional and personal life. We believe in providing a healthy workload that any cleaner can manage, so you’ll never feel overwhelmed. Plus, we offer compensation rates that are a minimum of 20% above market value, ensuring you’re always valued for your hard work. Even in times of economic downturn, our cleaning services remain in high demand, providing you job stability like no other.

Say goodbye to constantly changing locations – at Clean n Pristine, you’ll be assigned to specific places on a regular basis, allowing you to build familiarity and establish routines. By following our core values of being positive, helpful, honest, and committed, we ensure that our policies are guided by integrity and excellence.

If our values align with yours, we can’t wait to meet you! We do have a limited number of cleaning positions available, so don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something special. Click the link below to join the Clean n Pristine family now!”

CNP is a bonded and insured professional cleaning service. We understand that inviting someone into your home is very personal. We do not take this responsibility lightly. For this reason, we are very selective in our hiring process. Our model cleaner is typically an experienced maid, working mom, middle ages and is looking for a comfortable work environment with a stable and balanced work week. At CNP we value being positive, honest, helpful, and committed and seek employees that share those values. At CNP we hire for attitude and train for skill. Apart from our initial screening we perform a background check on all our applicants and hands on training and evaluate of each new employee for a 90-day period.

We calculate your rate based on several factors. Size of your home, frequency of service, your specific requirements, and the present condition of the property. We gather this information and using our +20 years of cleaning experience we calculate a rate that we feel covers the necessary labor to achieve your expectations. Our rates are competitive and designed to not sacrifice our and your standard of quality.

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