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Our expertly trained, uniformed maids will clean your home with the utmost professionalism and highest quality cleaning methods, surpassing your expectations every time we clean your home! No matter what your needs are, we are equipped and ready to handle all of your cleaning needs. Whether it’s window cleaning, maid service, or any other type of cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that CNP can handle them all!

Why should I hire CNP?

Many cleaning services will give you a free quote on cleaning your home. This quote will typically be the same price given to every other prospect they meet. At CNP, we have a service that is top-notch and only offer custom quotes for each of our clients. It starts with the first meeting. We do not just have salespeople come to your house to give you a cookie-cutter quote. The person that comes to your home is one of our trained, highest-level representatives. Our representatives are trained on what to look for and how to point out the high traffic areas that may need more attention for cleaning. While our employee is in your home, they will sit with you to find out your exact needs and wants, so that we can give you the best quote possible. Every client we visit has a different need and our focus is to make sure that each client has that need met. Whether you want us to do your dishes, take out the trash, clean the outside of your windows, or even do your laundry and put it away, we will fit our service to give you the best experience possible. Once our representative has met with you, we’ll email you within 24 hours a quote for your home cleaning service. The quote will be easy to read and itemized so that you can pick and choose what services you would like to have completed. You can also customize the dates that you would like for us to come out to your residence and clean.

What should you look for from a cleaning service?

Insurance Coverage
Never just take a company’s word in trusting that they have insurance. CNP will email you our insurance policy for your records. Be sure that your cleaning service is properly covered, or you might have to face paying for their mistakes if something goes wrong at your home.

The right people for the right job
Besides the complete a thorough background check of every person we hire and the extensive 30 day training each employee must go thru in order to be a certified CNP cleaner we go to great lengths to find the right individuals with the characteristics we found to be the foundation of the perfect cleaner. Our cleaners offer the highest quality maid services Dallas because of our cleaning methods and because they really are about what they do. They understand how their work really makes an impact on your household. They thrive on being recognized for being above and beyond. CNP has developed incentive programs which acknowledges their commitment and rewards their efforts. We pull together to produce the consistent quality of service our customers have learned to expect on every visit. We know life is busy. Between work, family time, and everything else that happens in your life, we know you need a hand. And we are glad to help.

Customer is always heard
High customer retention is the best indicator to understand how a cleaning company approaches the subject of customer service. If a company has a high retention rate that tells you that their primary goal is to achieve continual customer satisfaction. The only way to achieve this is to have systems where they can measure this on an ongoing basis. CNP is proud of the fact that over 60% of our customer base have been serviced by our staff for over 8 years. We have had the privilege of witnessing how our customers lives have changed from young professional becoming parents to seeing little ones become teenagers. CNP is committed to keep your business and help for the long haul.

What will it cost to clean my home?

Our minimum charge per visit starts at $120.00 but our rates are unique and customized per home. We calculate your rate based on several factors. Size of your home, frequency of service, the specific needs of our customer, present condition of the property and the time we feel is necessary to achieve the customer’s expectation. Our rates are competitive and designed to not sacrifice both our and your standard of quality.

What kind of house cleaning services does CNP offer?

CNP offers a customized service to better meet your individual needs. Each customer has a unique need and our cleaning checklist will vary from home to home based on those needs. Below you will find a standard check list we use for a standard house cleaning service:

Kitchens are sanitized and degreased.

Sanitizing and degreasing counter, sinks, back splashes, Stove tops, oven doors, refrigerator doors, interior/exterior of microwave and appliances. Stainless steel will be polished. Wash, dry and store dishes and glasses.

Living Room / Den / Media room

All furniture will be dusted and wiped. Carpet or area rugs will be vacuumed and wood floors will be cleaned properly. Vacuum sofas and love seats.

Dining Room/ Breakfast nook

Carpet or area rugs will be vacuumed throughout. All furniture, including glass and tables, will be dusted and cleaned.


Make up bed service. Complete dusting, including mirrors, night tables, dressers & lamps.


Sanitize and deodorize showers, bathtubs, vanities, cabinet’s doors, mirrors, sinks and toilets. Wash and scrub floors, tile walls and faucet hardware.


Baseboards wiped down, fingerprints washed from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates. Vacuum or clean floors.


Wipe down of railings and wood trim. Vacuuming and cleaning of steps.

Laundry rooms

Wipe down of washer and drier machines, baseboards wiped down, vacuuming floors with special attention around the appliances.

Optional Add-On Cleaning Services that we offer

Regular Laundry

Laundry service with proper folding of all clothes and linens are offered. All laundry will be washed and folded the same day.

Interior cleaning of oven

Cleaning interior surface of oven including oven rack

Interior cleaning of refrigerator

Cleaning interior surfaces including compartments. Pulling out food and place back after surfaces have been washed.

Interior cleaning of cabinets

Cleaning of the interior sides of a cabinet

Garage Clean n Sweep

Cleaning of garage shelves and or furniture. Sweeping of garage floors

Patio and Porch Clean n Sweep

Cleaning of patio and or porch furniture including glass sliding doors. Sweeping of floors.

Fireplace cleaning

Fireplaces and tools will be cleaned.

Polish brass and or silver

Cleaning and polish of brass or silver surfaces

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